Why Executive MBA is Beneficial for Working Professionals?


You might have scaled the success ladder and feel confident about your position at the workplace. However, there comes a time when you experience stagnancy and it is that moment when


you feel that an executive MBA would have done a lot to push your career further. In the past, you might have joined job after graduating owing to family pressure, but now you regret for not doing an MBA that could have opened new avenues in your profession.

Despite achieving huge success, many senior leaders and working professionals feel the need of a degree at a certain point. Not to worry, acquiring a degree in MBA is not hard if a professional wants to in the midst of his career. Off late, getting an MBA degree has become easily available to anyone and everyone. However, not all quality of the degree is equivalent and serves the same purpose. Therefore, when hunting for the right degree you have to assess what the degree offers and how it can help mould your career into further development. You need to check all EMBA courses from the list of Top-notch executive MBA B-schools in India in accordance to get the things right in the order.

Therefore, to enable working professionals improvise on their management skills, executive MBA is viewed instrumental and effective. The degree aims at instilling managerial skills and assisting individuals like you who have not done an MBA before to grow better in the corporate field. Eventually, you learn more about management at a point in your career when you need to melt the stagnancy and bring new dimensions of knowledge and skills for rendering a further boost to your career graph.

Lets take a look at what is an executive MBA, and the benefits it provides.

An executive MBA, which means Master’s of Business Administration program is meant for established professionals who have completed a minimum of 5 years of working experience. The best part is the program offers the same benefit as any regular MBA.

An individual derive the respective benefits from the course:

  • While you are a full-time employee you can study simultaneously so that you can improve your performance at the job.
  • At school, you learn about new business expertise that open new scopes for management thinking and influence your approach towards decision making. You get innovative ideas and inspirations, and contacts to re-define your career.
  • Since there is a range of management and business disciplines involved in an MBA course, you gain specialization from it to steer your career in one particular direction.
  • You are guaranteed success and absolute growth in your career graph.
  • You acquire the skills of developing networks of professional and personal contacts.
  • The transition scenarios only get better; from functional manager to the post of general manager, from a manager to a successful entrepreneur, and so on. If you couldn’t achieve an MBA before, then an executive MBA will ground you in the basic skills of business and give you the required boost to further your career heights. Remember and executive MBA can help to translate your dream into reality by equipping you with new technology and ideas and help you understand the values of the corporate world.


Hence, if you are looking forward to chasing an executive MBA course, here have a look at the application requirements, program requirements and the common courses involved in it. The program can be completed through weekend and night courses. Those who want to pursue can do work in the day time and attend classes in the evening.

What are the Application requirements?

Before you apply you need to have a few years of working experience, at least 5 years in most cases. However, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree before applying for the course. Any working individual wanting to pursue an executive MBA should provide transcripts, recommendation letter, and also a job history statement. Certain MBA schools might require its students to have interviews with faculty and admission representatives.

What is the coursework?

The courses as offered mainly focus upon the different managerial aspects included in the business subjects. Such examples include managerial finance, managerial economics, information technology management, and legal issues for managers, global capital markets and so on. The courses enable students to how the tactics of applying knowledge and skills in the business domain. Most of the courses are focused around management, whereas any other MBA course is about specialization in management.

What is the program structure?

An executive MBA courses covers a time span of 19 to 24 months. Check out the program format that includes extensive classroom study, long travels for attending business seminars mostly round the weekends, and so on.

What are the networking scopes?

Professionals benefit immensely from the course since they learn a great deal about the business world. The program chalks out an environment wherein students can learn about others skills and share their own.

Thus, at the end students not just earn an executive MBA degree, but establish new contacts with business personnel and broaden their network through the program.



Executive MBA career opportunities from IIM

Executive MBA is designed to unlock the sphere of high paying career opportunities not only in India but around the world. Now-a-days it is difficult for the working professionals to hold a strong position in the organization with simply taking a bachelor degree. When working in an organization you will come across situations where you will have to work as a team wherein your collective effort will determine your goals. In the midst of your career, you might feel the need of doing an MBA to face challenges in leadership and various others stratums of your organization.


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You can’t deny a single job after an Executive MBA program


Jobs after executive MBA seems positive while it won’t be possible to leave your job just to pursue a full-time management degree course, an EMBA course serves your purpose well by letting you acquire a degree without having to compromise with your profession. These days anybody can achieve an MBA degree since there is a mushroom growth of organizations offering management programs. Needless to say, it pays good to study the course from any reputed brand. If you really want to impress your higher authorities and aspire to make it to the top level of your organization, then an IIM EMBA degree is the best option.


Each year many students aspire to study in IIM, but getting through the admission test is tough. To add to that, if you are looking forward to fetching an executive MBA program from the top-notch B-Schools in India, then be ready for some serious hard work. The majority of MBA executives turn out to be senior managers or board directors in future. A management degree from IIM at a certain point of your professional career adds mileage and gives an excellent boost to help you reach to the peak of career. Read on to know about the career scopes that you gain from an executive MBA from IIM.

Career Opportunities after EMBA from IIM’s

  • There is no doubt about the credentials of an IIM (Indian Institute of Management). No wonder, a degree in management proves to be an appendage to higher career growth. Once you achieve the degree, you will find its immediate impact on your career. Through the course you absorb a deeper understanding of business and management that will create new avenues for you.
  • If you are aiming higher then you should get your leadership qualities right and perfect. You have to be in the constant cycle of development and learning and for that nothing proves to be a better option than an EMBA. You will be recognized by best brand in India, and your degree will be accepted stupendously in addition to the work experience that you have. Together it will be a wonderful and boosted combination for career rise.
  • You can acquire the top-notch positions in the corporate world only if you can prove your uniqueness in thinking and how it can bring dynamic change to the world around. A management professional needs to manifest innovative thinking abilities to influence the business analytic mind for adding impetus to business growth. Thus, if you are already working in an illustrious MNC and do not have a prior MBA degree, then an executive management degree from IIM will prove its value in the course of time.
  • Talk to professionals who have already achieved the degree from IIM and learn about their experience which will give you some idea. The course is designed to bring transformational change to motivate your career by introducing live classes hosting two-way videos, making it an intensive and interactive course and ensuring standard education for the professionals. Also, the faculty is responsible for monitoring students and their personalities so as to guide them on the specialization that they must follow. This adds great benefit to your career growth.
  • Consider doing anexecutive MBA from IIM’s, since the institute broadcast the course details or the program over satellite so that working professionals who cannot attend regular classes at the campus owing to pressure at work can follow the course. Besides, training services are also arranged for students over the satellite so that they do not miss anything important if not attending classes.
  • An executive degree with an IIM tag can do a lot to modify your career than any other executive MBA programs from other institutions. Whether it is IIM Calcutta or IIM Lucknow or IIM Kozhikode; you are assured of the best training, management skills and course designs that will add to every aspect of your profession. Most importantly, the courses will be available online so that you can talk to management experts, intimate them about the kind of profession you are in and about your job profile; and why you want to do any particular course. Ask them how the course can bring more benefits and augment career opportunities. Most importantly, an executive MBA from IIM is stressed on case studies to aid you understand the fine line that lies between business theory and practice. More so, the degree adds huge credibility to your resume.
    Thus, make your journey an impressive one with the right decision of pursuing executive MBA degree from the most prestigious institution.



India is growing at a decent pace and the Indian job market has opened up new opportunities. Youngsters are increasingly taking up off beat careers and doing well at that. The explosion of Digital India has also opened up many new career prospects. Information technology remains the highest employer followed by Telecom, Healthcare, Finance, Infrastructure and Retail.

In this scenario, there are some careers which are more lucrative than others. Everybody doesn’t start with a high paying job and it’s not easy to get one. One needs to plan, train, study and improve at every step of the way to get there. It is also imperative that you are backed by a certification from a top institute to give that shine in your CV.

Let’s look at the some of the highest paid careers right now in India which aspiring millionaires should look to pursue.

Management Professionals

They are the backbone of any organisation. Management professionals are there in all industries with various specialisations. MBA from a top institute and lot of hard work at the entry level can shape your profile to be a top notch management professional. Wise decisions and change of industry sometimes becomes important stimulant. If you are not alumni from a top B-school it is advisable that you enrol for an Executive MBA program from one. After 4 – 6 years of work experience it is time for you to take the leap and is a critical phase to bring about a change and add a catalyst to further improve the prospects to overcome stagnation and competition. Almost all the top B-Schools like IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Calcutta, XLRI, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kozhikode offer these courses. I remember about a friend of mine who is a Graduate and worked hard as a marketing professional through various companies. Somehow, all his hard work and decent performance did not help him breakthrough to the middle management level. Then he pursued a course from IIM Calcutta and got a great opportunity in a top Telecom company as a Sr. Manager.

Corporate & Investment bankers

This is another high profile job that requires specific skills and in depth knowledge. They are highly paid with huge performance linked bonus. The flip side is that it is a risky career and wrong decision or a major change in market scenario can create a unstable situation. Professionals with MBA in Finance, Chartered Accountants are ideally suited for this job.

Oil & Natural Gas Sector

This is the most profitable sector in Engineering and Manufacturing. All the companies make decent profits and the industry is growing at a decent level. Geologists and engineers with various specialisation are required in this sector. IT professionals are also in great demand for R & D with inclusion of technology in the sector.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts are an integral part of any big company today. Due to fierce competition and ever changing business scenario, analytics is being used more and more in processes for continuous improvement. Business Analytics is a specialised stream and can be learnt along with a regular MBA/PGDM. It is also better to take up Business Analytics program after a few years of work experience.

Aviation Industry professionals

The aviation industry is going through a boom and is on a high growth trajectory. Indian civil aviation is all set to be the 3rd largest in the world by 2020 and aims to be the biggest within another decade. Commercial Pilots, Ground Engineers, maintenance Engineers, Hospitality staff, In-flight crew there is a whole lot of employment opportunities in Aviation sector. The most lucrative and highly paid are the pilots and there is a major need of pilots in India. In fact there is a shortfall of pilots in India. So, if sky is the limit for you why not fly high.


Marketing and Brand management is a fascinating career. Top notch Marketing/Brand professionals has given shape to many brands over time. A specialisation in Marketing is a prerequisite for this career. Many sales professionals shift to marketing for a more holistic career growth. Invariably taking up an executive program in marketing from IIMs, helps a lot. A good marketing professional has the potential to become the CEO of the company with hard work, creative brilliance and strategic thinking.

IT Professionals

The sunshine sector in India has seen a phenomenal growth is the last couple of decades. Wages for Software engineers had gone through the roof in the 2000s and has seen some semblance of sanity since then. The best performer in generating jobs year on year is plagued with a unique problem…dearth of quality resources. So, individuals need to take proper training and keep themselves up to the mark on new technologies as this is a very dynamic industry. IT professionals are well paid and some may go on to become CTO with huge packages. They can also move on to becoming CEOs of Software companies by acquiring knowledge on Business management.

So, if you are not born with a silver spoon and have to work hard to be rich you know which career to choose. Finally, the key to success in career is dependent on an individual’s hard work, training and self brilliance.


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