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PRC deals with the practice of delivering all aspects of human resource management as an external provider, and with the professional and business issues associated with operating such a practice, including client development, contracts and client management. It also includes matters that focus on consulting careers, communications, legal and regulatory issues, technology, metrics, and outsourcing, as well as effective consulting practices and global consulting issues.

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India is rapidly growing as a centre of many professional courses. It is providing its youth proper training in different management, business, and marketing fields. With the big companies across the globe giving more importance to these kinds of courses, numerous educational organizations are giving the aspiring students the chance to undergo various MBA courses. These B schools include only those courses in their syllabus that can cope up with the ever changing demands of corporate sector. Once they complete their courses, they are being absorbed by renowned MNCs that offer lucrative packages.

Professional Executive MBA course- Details About it

Executive MBA or EMBA course is designed especially for employed people. If you are working as a manager or as an executive, then by undertaking this course, you can brush up your existing skills. By doing so, you are likely to get job promotions easily. Moreover, you will learn how to work in a systematic way.

Both degree and diploma courses are available. Depending on your qualification and experience, you have to select the course type. If you are an amateur professional, then opting for part-time course is a prudent decision. And, if you want to establish yourself as a prosper individual from the very beginning, then full-time course is there for you. The duration of this course varies from 12 or 24 months to 30 months.

We also cater to Brand Management by proper channels via Advertisement and Marketing channels

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